Self-Help Guide to the California Courts

Resources and information to help you navigate your court case, including step-by-step guides for following procedures and help with understanding your options.

What would you like to do?

  • Get help with papers I was served

    Look up by form number to understand your options.(Find the form number in the upper right or upper left corner of your papers.)

  • Start a court case

    Find your case type to get started

  • Work on my court case

    Take the next step, change an order, see all the options during or after your case

  • Get information about a legal topic

    Get general information and learn about your options

  • Look up a court case or citation

    Find a traffic ticket or court case using the county court's website

  • Get help from the court

    Find self-help centers, forms, interpreters, disability access, and more

Self-Help Locations

Self-Help Centers can provide legal information and resources to people without a lawyer.
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