How to file the CARE petition

Fill out the required court paperwork to start CARE Act proceedings on behalf of someone else and file them with the court.

  • Find the address of the court where you will file the case

    You will need the address of the court to put on the papers you file. Generally, you must file the papers in the court in the county where the person you are filing for lives. Find the court's address.

    You will need the address of the courthouse that handles CARE Act cases. 

    The following 8 counties are currently accepting CARE petitions:

  • Fill out the required forms

    You must fill out the Petition to Commence CARE Act Proceedings (form CARE-100); and one of the following:

    • Mental Health Declaration (form CARE-101), or
    • Evidence that respondent was detained for at least two periods of intensive treatment, the most recent period within the past 60 days. Examples of evidence: a copy of the certification of intensive treatment, a declaration from a witness to the intensive treatment, or other documentation indicating involuntary detention and certification for up to 14 days of intensive treatment.


     For purposes of the CARE Act, "intensive treatment" refers to involuntary treatment authorized by Welfare and Institutions Code section 5250. It does not refer to treatment authorized by any other statutes, including but not limited to Welfare and Institutions Code sections 5150, 5260, and 5270.15.
  • File the forms with the court clerk

    Make at least 3 copies of your forms and documents. The court will keep the original documents. File forms and document with the court clerk at the address you found in Item 1 above. 

If you need help filling out the CARE petition (form CARE-100) visit a Self-Help Center.

Each court has a Self-Help Center where you can get free legal help with court forms and answers to legal questions about CARE Act proceedings. The Self-Help Centers can assist you with filling out the court forms. 

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