Civil Case Information Statement

If you're appealing an unlimited civil case, you must file a Civil Case Information Statement (form APP-004). This is not required in appeals of limited civil cases. 

Civil Case Information Statement

A civil case information statement gives the Court of Appeal basic information about the case

Civil Case Information Statement (form APP-004) asks what type of case it is, whether and when there was notice of entry of judgment, whether there is a bankruptcy stay, and other questions.

The answers on the statement help the court figure out whether the Notice of Appeal is on time and whether the order or judgment is appealable.

You must file the statement by a deadline

You must file Civil Case Information Statement (form APP-004) within 15 days after the superior court clerk mails the notification of the filing of your Notice of Appeal.

Read rule 8.100(g) of the California Rules of Court for more information on the civil case information statement.

How to file a civil case information statement

  • Fill out form and attach judgment or order you're appealing

    Fill out Civil Case Information Statement (form APP-004). If you'll be filing a statement in person or by mail, attach a copy of the judgment or order that you are appealing. If you'll be filing electronically (called e-filing), you'll need to include the judgment in the documents.

    Make sure the date the judgment or order was entered is on the form and also on the attached document.

  • Serve the Statement

    Serve a copy of the Civil Case Information Statement and the judgment or order on every party in the case. Have the server (someone at least age 18 and not a party to the case) fill out a proof of service. The server can fill out a Proof of Service (Court of Appeal) (form APP-009) or, if they served electronically, Proof of Electronic Service (form APP-009E). For help, the server should first read Information Sheet for Proof of Service (Court of Appeal) (form APP-009-INFO).

  • File the Statement

    File the original filled-out Civil Case Information Statement (form APP-004), a copy of the judgment or order, and a proof of service for each party served in the Court of Appeal.


    If the Court of Appeal does not get your filled-out Civil Case Information Statement (form APP-004) within the 15-day limit or there is a mistake on your form, the Court of Appeal clerk will send you a notice of default. If you do not fix the problem within 15 days from the date the clerk mailed you the notice of default, the Court of Appeal may dismiss the appeal or require you to pay a penalty fee to the court.

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What's next?

Once you've filed your Civil Case Information Statement, you need to start to prepare a brief.

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