How to look up a court case

In many courts, you can look up court cases online to find out basic information like the name of the parties, what documents have been filed, and whether there are any court dates. If this is not available online, you may be able to get the information at the courthouse, either on a court computer or from a court clerk.




How to look up a court case 

You cannot find case information on this website. This Self-Help Guide only has legal information, not information about individual court cases. The county courts keep all court records. This page has general information about how to look up cases with the court.

Typically, the best first step is to look for information on the court's website

Go to the court's website where the case is filed. Most courts have a section on their website called "online services" or something similar. There you will find information about whether you can look up a court case online and what type of records you can see. Not all types of records are available online.

If the case information is not available online, you can contact the court clerk or go to the court to ask for information about the case. A clerk may be able to tell you basic information over the phone, like when a court date is scheduled or if something has been filed. 

To find a court website or contact information:

Find my court

Access to information about a case may be limited or restricted 

Some court records are not available online to protect privacy. For example, you can only find limited information about divorce or criminal cases on a court's website. Case records are available at the courthouse. California Rule of Court 2.503.

Some types of cases or records are confidential. For example, adoption records or cases in juvenile court are confidential. Only the parties in the case, their attorneys, or other people authorized to see the case will be able to get information about the case or see the court file. 

Access to eviction records is limited. Find out more in Code of Civil Procedure, section 1161.2.

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