File summary dissolution forms with the court

The final step in ending your marriage by summary dissolution is to file your forms with the court clerk and get a final divorce judgment signed by a judge. Your divorce will be final 6 months from when you file the papers.

How to file forms with the court

  • Take your forms to the court clerk

    Check the Find My Court page to find the courthouse that accepts divorce filings. 

    Go to Find My Court

    At the courthouse, file the forms by giving the original forms and the 2 copies to the clerk, along with 2 self-addressed stamped envelopes, one for each spouse. 

    The clerk will keep the original Joint Petition and will stamp the copies and give them back to you. 

    Depending on your court, the clerk will either file and give you copies of the Judgment of Dissolution form, or hold on to the original and copies to mail to you later. Ask the clerk how your court handles this process. 

  • Pay a fee

    You will need to pay a fee ($435-$450) to the clerk when you file your forms. 

    If you can’t afford the fee, you can ask the clerk for a fee waiver. You qualify for a fee waiver if: 

    • You receive public benefits 

    • Your income falls below a certain level  

    • You can’t afford the fee and to meet your basic needs  

    If one of you qualifies for a fee waiver, but the other one does not, the one who does not will have to pay the full filing fee. 

  • Wait for your divorce judgment

    If you did not get the Judgment of Dissolution form back right away when you filed, wait to receive it by mail.  

    Your judgment will be signed by a judge and will have a date on it 6 months after you filed your papers. This is the date your divorce is final. Before that date you will not be divorced and cannot get remarried.  

Once you have a signed divorce judgment, you've completed the process of divorce by summary dissolution.




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