Fill out court forms and create an agreement

The next step in ending your marriage or domestic partnership by summary dissolution is to fill out some court forms and write an agreement that tells the court how you've agreed to divide your property.

How to complete your forms and agreement

  • Fill out court forms 

    • Joint Petition for Summary Dissolution (form FL-800).

    You must both sign this form.

    • Judgment of Dissolution and Notice of Entry of Judgment (form FL-825).

    Fill out the top portion (the caption box). If either of you asked to return to your former name and said so on the Joint Petition (form FL-800), make sure you check box "b" or "c" and write in your full former name. On page 2, fill in both of your addresses in the boxes at the end.  The court will fill out the rest.

  • Create a property agreement

    This tells the court how you agreed to divide your property. 

    You can write up your own agreement or you can use a property agreement template. Just fill in the blanks with your information. Both of you need to sign and date it.  

    Attach the agreement to the Judgment of Dissolution and Notice of Entry of Judgment (form FL-825).

    Here is a sample agreement with instructions


    You can check box 13a, or you can write up an agreement that explains that.
  • Find out if you have any local forms to complete

    Some courts have additional local forms they require you to use.   

    Contact your court clerk’s office, check your court’s website, or talk to your Family Law Facilitator or Self-Help Center to ask if they have any local forms you need to use. 

  • Make copies

    Make 2 copies of both forms and your property agreement. You will need the original and both copies for filing. 

Summary Dissolution

What's next?

The final step is to file all of your paperwork with the court. The court reviews and signs the papers and includes the date that your divorce will become final. This is 6 months from when you filed the papers, unless one of you stops the process.

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