Starting a divorce by summary dissolution

If you qualify for the summary dissolution process, your first step is to read and sign a form that the court provides that will walk you through the requirements. Then you'll need to gather your financial information to share with your spouse. Your spouse must do the same.


How to start a summary dissolution

  • Read and sign Summary Dissolution Information

    Read Summary Dissolution Information (form FL-810).

    This explains who can use the simplified process, what forms you need to complete, and what steps you need to take to start and finish the case.

    You’re required to read this form. When you sign your papers you swear that you read it.

  • Fill out financial information forms

    You each must fill out: 

    You will need proof of your income for the past two months to complete this form along with copies of your recent taxes. 

    Then, you can either complete the worksheets from the Summary Dissolution Information booklet:  

    Or, you can use:  

    You can work together to ensure that the information is complete.  

  • Share financial information with your spouse

    You must each give your spouse or partner a copy of the forms you completed in step 2, along with:

    • The tax returns you filed in the last 2 years 

    • Any other information in writing about any investments, businesses, or other income 

Summary Dissolution

What's next?

Once both of you have completed the Income and Expense Declaration and shared your financial information, you'll fill out court forms and write an agreement. 

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