Serve the answer form

After you fill out an Answer, you must have someone mail a copy to your landlord (or their attorney if they have one). This person is called your server. After your server mails the Answer, they sign a Proof of Service form saying they mailed it. 

How to serve your Answer

  • Choose a server

    Ask another adult to mail a copy of the Answer and other forms you plan to file for you. This is your server.

    Your server must be:  

    • 18 or over

    • Not part of your case  

    Your server can be someone you know. You can't serve it yourself.

  • Your server mails a copy of the Answer

    Your server mails one copy of your Answer and any attachments to the name and address at the top of the Complaint you received.

    Keep the original and other copy to file with the court.

  • Your server signs a Proof of Service form

    After your server mails the copy of your Answer form they fill out a: 

    • Proof of Service by First-Class Mail - Civil (form POS-030). 

    It helps if you fill in the top part of the form with the case and court information. 

    Your name and address are at the very top of the form. You can copy the rest of the information in the top section - court address, plaintiff’s name, defendant’s name, and case number - from the Complaint

    Your server can then fill in the information about how, when, and where they mailed the Answer. Your server must sign and date at the bottom. 

    Your server should then give the Proof of Service form back to you to file with the court. 


What’s next?

Once you fill out your Answer and serve your landlord with a copy, you need to file it with the court and pay a filing fee.

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