Form Interrogatories for family law

A Form Interrogatory is a list of questions on a court form. You select the questions you want the other side to answer by checking the questions on the form. Use Form Interrogatories – Family Law (form FL-145) to get basic information from your spouse about issues in your divorce.

How to fill out Form Interrogatories

  • Fill in basic information at the top of the form

    Provide basic information about your case.

    • Attorney or party without attorney

      Write in your name, address, and phone number.

    • Attorney

      Write "Self-Represented." This means you do not have a lawyer and represent yourself.

    • Superior Court of California, County of

      Write the name of the county of the court where you are filing

    • Short title

      In the box that says short title, write the last name of the spouse who started the divorce (the petitioner), the letter "v" (for "versus") and the last name of the spouse responding to the divorce (the respondent). For example: Smith v Thomas, or Smith v Smith

    • Asking party

      Write your name

    • Answering party

      Write your spouse's name

    • Set No.

      Write "One" if this is the first time you have sent form interrogatories to the other side, "Two" if it is the second time, and so on.

    • Case number

      Write the case number in the appropriate box

    The first page has a definitions and instructions. These instructions are for your spouse. They explain the rules for how to respond.

    The signature line at the bottom of the page is a part of the instructions. It should be left blank because it just tells your spouse to include certain language above their signature in their response. There is no place for you to sign on this form.

  • Select the questions

    On Page 2, check the box next to each question you want to ask your spouse to answer.

    If you don't get a response or get an incomplete response, there's a court process you can use to request that the judge order your spouse to respond or give complete responses. Learn what to do if your spouse doesn't respond
  • Make copies

    Make 1 copy of the completed Form Interrogatories – Family Law. Keep the original for yourself, then you'll serve the copy by mail.

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What's next?

Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll serve it by mail to your spouse. 

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