Gather information and documents

Before you start filling out the forms to ask to set up a conservatorship, you'll need to gather information and documents to support your request.

What you'll need

Gather necessary information and documents before starting the forms.  

  • Medical documentation, including the date of the last doctor's  and confirmation of the person's diagnosis 

  • Documentation from the Regional Center, including the most recent Individual Program Plan and any other reports showing services received 

  • Public benefits received, such as payment stubs from SSI and Medi-Cal eligibility documents 

If you will be filing for a limited conservatorship of the estate, or of the person and the estate, you will want to gather documentation relating to all the income and assets of the person with a disability.

Limited conservatorship

What's next?

Once you've gathered all the information you need, you can start to fill out the forms.

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