Update your gender marker or sex identifier on your identity documents

In California, you can change the gender marker or sex identifier on a birth certificate or driver's license without a court order or medical certification. You can change it to male, female, or nonbinary.  You can also change your designation of bride or groom on your marriage certificate without a court order, if your spouse agrees.


The federal government and other states have their own rules about which markers you can use and when they will change the marker.

California Birth Certificate

Update (amend) your California Birth Certificate through the California Department of Public Health. If you have more questions, contact Vital Records at the Department of Public Health.

California Driver's License or ID Card

Update your Driver's License or ID through the Department of Motor Vehicles. The instructions also cover how to get a REAL ID. If you have more questions, contact your local DMV office.

California marriage certificate

You can change your designation on your marriage certificate to bride, groom, or neither. 

  • If you had a public marriage, the State Registrar in the Department of Public Health will issue you a new certificate.
  • If you had a confidential marriage, the county recorder's office in the county that issued the marriage certificate will issue you a new certificate.
The Transgender Law Center has detailed information about how to update other State and Federal identification documents.

    US Social Security Card

    Update your Social Security records through the Social Security Administration. There's no fee. If you have more questions, contact your local Social Security office.

    US Passport

    Find out more on how to update your gender on your U.S. passport through the U.S. Department of State. If you have questions, contact the National Passport Information Center

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