Nonprofessional providers of supervised visitation

Nonprofessional providers 

A nonprofessional provider is someone who does not have special training to supervise (monitor) one parent visiting with their child or monitor a child exchange. They are simply there to watch and listen to each visit. They are usually a friend or family member that both parents agree to having supervise the visit or exchange. They do not get paid. 

A nonprofessional provider should: 

  • Make safety their top priority during the visit or exchange

  • Speak the same language as the parents and child 

  • Be neutral  

  • Be comfortable following the judge’s order

  • Feel comfortable ending a visit, if needed 

What should I do if I am a nonprofessional provider?

To qualify as a nonprofessional provider, you cannot have a record for child abuse, child molestation, or any crime against another person. You do not qualify if you have been on probation or parole in the last 10 years.

  • Read the judge’s orders

    Make sure you read and understand what the judge has ordered.  

    • Supervised visits 

      The order should tell you when and how long each visit should be. The order may include the location of each visit. If it doesn’t list a location, make sure the location is safe. Do not pick a location that is noisy or crowded.
    • Supervised exchanges 

      A supervised exchange is when the judge orders a neutral third person to be present for a child exchange. A child exchange is when one parent or guardian is dropping the children off to the other parent or guardian. Sometimes a judge will order another person to bring or receive the children, like a family member or friend.


      The order should tell you when exchanges of the children will be. The order may include a location for the exchange. If it doesn’t list a location, make sure the location is safe and secure. Note that the police station and police station parking lots are not monitored.  

  • Complete a court form

    Fill out form FL-324(NP) and give it to the parent who has custody of the children. That parent should file the form with the court. There is no fee to file this form. 

  • Learn more about your role

    For more information, go to A Guide for Non-Professional Providers. The guide is also available in Spanish. You can also learn about your responsibilities in this free online training (90 minutes).