Finish your case after a trial

To finish your child custody and support case when there's been a trial, you must turn in a set of final forms to the court. 

Know what the judge ordered

During your trial, the judge makes decisions about the issues in your case that you and the other person cannot agree on. The judge may also order one person to prepare the form listing the judge's decisions, or the judgment, so the judge can sign it.

If you didn't write down or can't remember exactly what the judge ordered at your trial, you may be able to go back to the court clerk and ask for a copy of the clerk's notes from your trial (called a minute order). If there was a court reporter taking notes at your trial, you can also order a copy of the court reporter's transcript, a word-for-word record of what was said in court. There is a fee for a court transcript.

If you are the person preparing the judgment, use the forms listed below to write out exactly what the judge ordered, send a copy to the other person, then turn it in to be signed.

How to prepare forms to finish your child custody and support case

  • Fill out judgment forms


    • Judgment (Uniform Parentage — Custody and Support) (form FL-250)

      This is the final court order. You will need to attach more forms to this.

    • Notice of Entry of Judgment (Family Law — Uniform Parentage — Custody and Support) (form FL-190)

      The court will mail this form back to you after the judge has signed the judgment. It’s the official notice from the court that tells you the case is complete.


  • Fill out and attach child custody and child support forms with court orders

    Attach the judge's decision (orders) to your Judgment.

    For child custody orders and visitation (parenting time) orders, attach:

    • Child Custody and Visitation (Parenting Time) Order Attachment (form FL-341)

    This forms states the judge's decisions about child custody and visitation (parenting time).

    For child support orders, attach:

    • Child Support Information and Order Attachment (form FL-342)

    This states the judge's decision about child support.

    You must attach:

    This lets you and the other parent know about how to ask the other parent to help pay for any of your child's healthcare costs not covered by insurance and how to ask to change a child support order.

    Also, submit:

    This is optional. Do not attach it to the Judgment. Submit this form if child support will be paid directly from your or the other parent's paycheck.

    Do not attach the Child Support Case Registry Form to your judgment. Submit it along with everything, if you haven't turned one in before.

  • Get help reviewing your forms

    Contact your court clerk’s office, check your court’s website, or talk to your Family Law Facilitator or Self-Help Center to find out if they require any optional forms and check how many envelopes you need to provide when you turn in your forms.

    Find a self help center
  • Send your forms to the other party to review

    Once you have filled out the forms showing what the judge ordered at your trial, you must have someone deliver a copy to the other party and give them at least 10 days to review it. Your server - someone over 18 who is not part of your case - should mail a copy of the papers to the other party. Your server should fill out a Proof of Service by Mail (form FL-335).

    • If the other person disagrees with how you wrote up the judge's decision, they can object in writing. If you get a written objection from the other person, contact your court's Self-Help Center for information about what to do next.
    • If the other person doesn't respond within 10 days or agrees with what you listed on your forms, you must prepare envelopes and submit everything to court.

    If the local child support agency is involved in your case and a child support attorney came to the trial, 

    you must also send a copy of the judgment you prepare to the agency and give them a chance to review it before the judge will sign it.

Finish your child custody and support and case

What's next?

Once your judgment forms are ready and the other person has had a chance to review them, you must prepare envelopes and submit everything to court.

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