Places to find support for a person with a disability or impairment

A person with a disability or impairment or their loved ones may be entitled to support from several sources. 

Where to get support

Regional Center

If a person with a developmental disability receives services from or through a Regional Center, they or their loved ones can ask for additional services in their Individual Program Plan (IPP) to help the person make decisions. The IPP should also include information on the person’s preferences. 

Supported Living Services

Individuals can also receive additional supports through Supported Living Services (SLS). SLS can be part of a person’s Individual Program Plan, provided by a specialized agency, or both to help the individual manage their life. 

SLS may include help with: 

  • Selecting and moving into a home 

  • Choosing personal attendants and housemates

  • Acquiring household furnishings

  • Common daily living activities and emergencies

  • Becoming a participating member in community life 

  • Managing personal financial affairs, as well as other supports

Find out more about SLS.


Adults who are receiving regional center services can continue to receive school services until age 22. If the individual is receiving special education with an Individualized Education Program (IEP), that document can be modified to include additional services that will allow the person to remain or become more independent. 

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