How to respond to a Request for Order

If at any point, you and person making the request agree, you can ask the court to make your written agreement a court order. You won't need a court date.

The steps to respond to a Request for Order (form FL-300) are similar no matter what type of order the other side (your current or former spouse, partner, or child's parent) requested.

You'll use the Responsive Declaration to Request for Order (form FL-320) to respond. In this form, you'll tell the court and other side if you agree or disagree with the request. If you disagree, you can explain why and what you think the court should order instead.


You can't use a response form to ask the court to decide a different issue. 
For example, if the Request for Order only asks the court to decide child support, but you also want the court to change your visitation schedule then you would 1) file a response to their request for child support, and then 2) file your own request using a Request for Order form.

At a glance

Steps to respond to a request for a court order

The basic process is similar for most types of orders. If you have children and the other parent asked the court to make a decision about custody or visitation, you may need to take part in another step called mediation before your hearing.   

  • Respond

    Fill out court form to tell the court if you agree or disagree. You may need to fill out a form about your finances if the person asked the court to order support or fees.

  • File forms

    File the forms with the court. 

  • Serve other side

    Serve copies of the forms on the other side (or their lawyer if they have one). 

  • Attend hearing

    Attend a hearing where a judge will make a decision.

Respond to a Request for Order

Select the type of order you're responding to

Select the type of order the other side requested for step-by-step instructions for how to respond.  

If the person making the request asked for more than one order (like spousal support and child support), you use the same form to respond to all of the requests. 

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