Respond to Form Interrogatories

If you receive Form Interrogatories (form FL-145) it means your spouse is asking you to answer questions or provide documents. The form is a list of questions with checkboxes – called form interrogatories. If a question is checked, your spouse wants you to answer it.

You must answer in writing within 30 days from the date you were served (35 days if you were served by mail).

How to respond to form interrogatories

  • Find out what you need to answer or do

    On page 2 of the form, look for any questions with a checked box. These questions are the ones your spouse is asking.

    Ignore any questions where the box is left blank.

    The signature line at the bottom of page 1 should be blank.

    This signature line is actually a part of the instructions to you. It is for you to use when you return your answers. You will attach this form on top of the template for your responses and you will sign and date this form. This shows the court when you answered the questions and tells the court that your answers are truthful and complete.
  • Write out your responses.

    There is not a court form you can use. You need to create the responses yourself.

    Sample template for a response:


    You can refer to the sample and use it as a guide to write your responses on a separate piece of paper.
  • Write your responses in the template

    Start by writing your case information in the caption.

    Anything in brackets [ ] is a placeholder for information you will fill in.

    On the first line “Interrogatory [X]” replace “[X]” with the number of the first question asked. On the line below it, write your answer.

    Number your answers and list them in the order that they are asked.

    Note that the template has a location for two answers. You may add more answers by simply typing “Interrogatory” followed by the interrogatory number, and typing your answers, or delete the unused answer.

    Read each interrogatory carefully before you answer, 

    and be sure to answer the specific question it is asking.


    Your spouse could ask the court to order you to answer the questions, and to charge you a penalty for not responding.


  • Gather documents, if needed

    If the interrogatory asks for you to provide documents, attach a copy of the documents to your response. If you can't provide these documents, explain why in your response.

  • Print and sign your document

    When you are done with your answers, print the document.

    Date, print your name, and sign below the words, “I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing answers are true and correct.”

Respond to Form Interrogatories

What's next?

Now that you’ve completed the Form Interrogatories, you’ll have your responses served by mail.

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