Rights of someone in a limited conservatorship (conservatee)

If you are in a conservatorship (a conservatee), you keep many rights and do not lose all your voice in the decisions that affect your life. You have the right to ask the judge to review the conservatorship or your conservator's actions. You have a right to an attorney.

Rights of someone in a conservatorship

You do not lose all rights or all voice in important decisions affecting your life 

All conservatees have the right to be treated with understanding and respect, the right to have their wishes considered, and the right to be well cared for by their conservators. 

Additionally, all conservatees have the right to

  • Be represented by a lawyer  

  • Ask a judge to replace the conservator  

  • Ask a judge to end the conservatorship  

  • Make or change a will 

You keep all rights not given to the limited conservator

A limited conservatee maintains all rights that are not specifically given to the limited conservator by the court. Unless the court order says different, you can  

  • Decide where to live 

  • Receive personal mail  

  • Vote  

  • Marry or enter into a registered domestic partnership  

  • Have visitors  

  • Make medical decisions  

  • Receive and control a salary  

  • Control an allowance 

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