Saving, Filling, and Printing PDF Files

If you fill out forms in your browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari):

  • Anything you fill out may not save
  • The interactive features may not work

To use the Judicial Council forms, follow the steps below:

For mobile users: 

If you're on a smartphone, you cannot fill out the forms online and the buttons on the last page of the form will not work.

You can save and print a form by opening the form, clicking the share icon on your phone then selecting ‘Save to Files’ or ‘Print’.

  • Print or download and save court forms before you use them, don’t use the browser

    To save the forms you can either:

    • Right-click the form to download and save it; or,
    • If you've opened the form in your browser, find the download or print icon on the top right of the browser window. 
  • Open your form in a PDF Reader

    Once you’ve downloaded the form, open it in the latest version of PDF reader by clicking Help>Check for updates. If you do not have a PDF Reader, download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for free from Adobe's website.

  • Save what you've filled out

    Save your file using Adobe Acrobat so you can access your form later.  Saving your form does not automatically file your form. If you need to file your form, your next steps can vary depending on the forms you have. You may need to download and read the form instructions for how to proceed.