Options after you get in touch with the other side

After you've asked the other side for the money, your next step depends on what they say. They may not answer. Or they may respond.  

If you and the other side agree

If you and the other side agree, they can pay you right away, agree to pay over time, or make a one-time payment later.

You should write up whatever you agree to. That way, if there are questions later, you both know what you each agreed to do. 

If you and the other side don't agree

If you don't agree, you may want to think about going to mediation.

mediator is a person who works with both of you to look for creative ways to solve your disagreement. They're someone who's specially trained and can often help you see your disagreement in a new way.

If you or they don't want to do mediation, you can start a small claims case with the court.

If the other side doesn't respond

If they respond when you ask for money, you can start a small claims case with the court.

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You don't have to wait for the other side to respond before starting a case but it's a good idea to see if they agree before doing the work to start a case.

Small Claims

What's next?

Your next step depends upon what happens when you contact the other side. Choose a step from the options below to get instructions for each of your options.

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