Prepare and lodge forms with the court

There are forms you need to fill out and give to (lodge with) the clerk before your hearing. These are forms that you will complete but not sign until you are in front of the judge. The clerk will hold these forms until the final hearing.

Before you start

You will fill out the following forms and lodge them with the court prior to your stepparent adoption hearing. You should not sign them until your court hearing. 


Prepare and lodge forms with the court

  • Prepare forms

    Adoption Agreement (ADOPT-210)

    • The proposed parent (the stepparent), the parent retaining custody, and the child (if over 12) will sign this form at the hearing.

    Adoption Order (ADOPT-215)

    • This form contains the findings of the court as well as the order granting the adoption. 

    Court Report of Adoption (VS-44)

    • Parts I and II of this form must be completed. Either parent can sign the Verification on line 16. Complete the name and address of where you would like the new birth certificate sent on the bottom of the form. This form will be sent to vital records offices to generate the new birth certificate. The original birth certificate will be sealed. The clerk will fill out Part III at the time of the final hearing.


    Remember not to sign the Agreement or Order before you see the judge. 
  • Lodge forms with the court

    At the courthouse, you’ll file the forms you filled out by giving the originals to the clerk. The court will keep the originals.

    Some courts require online filing (called e-filing). You can find out if your court requires online filing by visiting your court’s website or by contacting your Self-Help Center.

Stepparent adoption

What's next?

Once you have all of your forms lodged with the court, you'll prepare for your stepparent adoption hearing.

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