New law cancels old civil assessments

A new law offers relief for Californians who owe civil assessments in a prior traffic case. Courts can no longer collect civil assessments from before July 1, 2022. Find out how this might impact what you owe.

If you owe a civil assessment from before July 1, 2022

The civil assessment is now canceled (vacated)

This means you no longer owe the assessment. You do not need to do anything to have it canceled. The court should automatically take it off of what you owe. To check that it was canceled, you can compare your past total amount due to the new current balance listed.

Civil assessments issued after July 1, 2022 are not canceled. Learn more
Civil assessments issued after July 1, 2022 are not canceled and the court may collect them. These assessments may be up to $100.00.

If you cannot afford your remaining fines or fees, you can ask for them to be reduced

If you can't afford the fines, you can ask the court to consider your ability to pay. The court may be able to lower the fine, give you more time to pay, or order you to do community service instead.

How to look up your ticket

Find out what you owe and get more information from the court that is handling your traffic case. 

Look up or pay a traffic ticket

Don’t know which county? Find it by city or zip code.

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