Update your address with the court

If the address you listed on your court forms has changed, you need to let the other party in your case and the court know. To do this, fill out a Notice of Change of Address form. Then, have the form sent to the other party and file it with the court. If you don't, you will miss important notices about your case.

How to update your address

  • Fill out Notice form and make copies

    Fill out Page 1 of Notice of Change of Address or Other Contact Information (form MC-040). Make enough copies of the filled-out form for any other party in your case.


  • Have Notice sent to other party

    Have another adult, not you or anyone else in the case, mail a copy to the other party in your case. If they have an attorney in the case, have it sent to the attorney instead.

    The person who mails the Notice is called your server. They must fill out and sign Page 2 of the original Notice you signed.

  • File Notice with the court

    File the original Notice that you and the server signed with the court. There is no fee to file the form. If you want a copy for your records, make a copy of the original and the clerk will stamp it and give it back to you.

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