Ask to waive additional court fees

You can ask the court to waiver additional fees, like the jury, witness, or court interpreter fees, not covered by your fee waiver.

    Before you start

    Figure out what other fees you need waived

    You can ask the court to waive:

    • Jury fees and expenses
    • Fees for court-appointed experts
    • Fees for a police officer to testify in court
    • Court-appointed interpreter fees for a witness
    • Other fees (see Form FW-001-INFO for more examples).

    Check you have a current fee waiver 

    You need to know the date the judge signed your Order on Court Fee Waiver (form FW-003 or form FW-008). You'll need to list this on your request. Fee waivers expire 60 days after your case is finished (judgment entered, dismissal, or final decision by judge). They can also end if the court finds you no longer qualify for the fee waiver. 

    If you don't have a current fee waiver, you must ask for one when you ask the court to waive additional fees.


     You must sign your request for a fee waiver under penalty of perjury. You must tell the truth, and your answers must be accurate and complete. 

    How to ask to waive additional fees

    • Fill out forms

      Fill out a Request to Waive Additional Court Fees (form FW-002), and the top of a blank Order on Court Fee Waiver (form FW-003).

      Use the instructions for FW-002 and instructions for FW-003 as a guide.

    • Make a copy

      Make 1 copy of your forms. The original is for the court. The copy is for you.

    • File your Request to Waive Additional Court Fees

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      Take the original and copy of your request form to the court clerk. The clerk will tell you how long it will take to process your request to waive additional fees.  

    Once you've filed the Request to Waive Additional Court Fees, you can wait for the court's decision.

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