Conservatorship investigation and reports

Before your hearing, the court will assign someone (an investigator) to do an investigation. The investigator might be a court employee or someone from Social Services (typically, a social worker). A caseworker from the Regional Center will also complete a report for the judge to review.

What to expect in an investigation

An investigator will do interviews

An investigator will interview you and the adult with the disability. They may also interview other relatives. They will be looking into whether there's a need for the conservatorship and whether you would be a suitable conservator.

The perspective of the adult with a disability is important. Make sure the person with a disability is available for the interview and able to offer their perspective to the maximum extent possible.

The investigator will write a report for the judge

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The court investigator's report summarizes all the information for the judge. It will say if the investigator found there was a need for a conservatorship and if you are an appropriate person to be the conservator.

The report will have:

  • Recommendations about your case, including any concerns the investigator has.
  • Any other recommendations the court investigator thinks would help, like an evaluation, mediation,  referral to social services, or emergency screening (if needed).

The Regional Center's assessment and report

Once you give the Regional Center notice about the conservatorship case, they'll arrange for an assessment of the adult with disabilities. Then, they'll write a report with a description of the specific areas, nature, and degree of disability of the adult's developmental disabilities. Generally, the caseworker will write the report.

They must file the report at least 5 days before the court date. They must also send you a copy. The report is confidential.

Most courts use "Probate Notes" to help you and others track the progress of the case. These are notes that probate department staff create to track what's been filed and completed in your case and also list what's missing. If the reports are filed, or if they're missing, that will be in the notes. They're usually updated before your court date. You can generally find the Probate Notes on your court's website in the probate section.
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