Resources for victims in California

Free resources are available if you have been the victim of a crime.

Resources based on your situation

Find a Victim Witness Assistance Center in your county

A Victim Advocate can give you information about your rights, and help you make requests for information and notifications during the criminal case. They are not attorneys, and their services are not confidential.

Know your rights

The California Constitution gives rights and protections to crime victims and their families. Some of these rights are automatic, but the victim may need to request (ask for) other rights, sometimes in writing.

Find a defendant or get notified about their case

Apply for compensation for financial loss after a crime

Some immigrant victims of crime may be eligible to apply for a U visa, a T visa, or VAWA. Learn more about your options and rights and get legal help: in English or in Spanish.

Other resources

  • Name Change in California
    If you’re filing a case to change your name or your child’s name, you can ask the court to keep your name change confidential if you are:
    • in the State Witness Program or the Safe at Home address confidentiality program
    • changing your name to avoid domestic violence, stalking, or human trafficking, or are a victim of sexual assault
  • Talk to a Self-Help Center to learn about your options. If you are asking to change a child’s name, you must still notify the child’s other parent, even if you are requesting a confidential name change for the child.

Learn more about victims' rights in California.

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