Ask the court to recognize your child's change of gender

You start the process of getting a court order recognizing your child's change of gender by filling out court forms. 

These instructions are for when both parents agree and sign the petition (the request) together to recognize their child's change of gender. 


How to fill out forms to recognize your child’s gender change

  • Fill out forms

    You will need to fill out these forms:

    • Petition for Recognition of Minor’s Change of Gender and Sex Identifier and for Issuance of New Birth Certificate (form NC-500) Both parents must sign. Your child may also sign it.

    • Order Recognizing Minor's Change of Gender and Sex Identifier and for Issuance of New Birth Certificate (form NC-530) (fill out the boxes at the top).
    • Civil Case Cover Sheet (form CM-010) (some courts do not require this form)

    You will need to pay a fee when you file the forms ($435 - $450). 

    If you both can't afford the fee, you must fill out another form to ask for a fee waiver.
  • Find out if you have any local forms to fill out

    Some courts have local forms you have to use.

    Contact your court clerk’s office, check your court’s website, or talk to your Self-Help Center to ask if they have any local forms you need to use.

  • Make Copies

    Make at least 2 copies of all of your forms. When you file them, the court will keep the original and return the copies to you, stamped.

    Keep one of the copies for yourself and give one to your child’s other parent.

Change a child’s gender without a name change

What's next?

Once you’ve completed the forms, you’ll file them with the court clerk.

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