How to ask for a disability accommodation

If you have a disability or limitation and need an accommodation while in court, you can call or go to court and ask the ADA coordinator for one, or you can turn in a form to the ADA coordinator. This page has instructions on how to fill out and turn in the form, called Disability Accommodation Request (form MC-410). 

Before you start

Turn in your request at least 5 court days before you need the accommodation. A court day is a day that court is open, Monday through Friday not including court holidays. If that's not possible, you can still turn in the request but it may be harder for the court to meet the request.

The request for accommodation is a confidential form. The form is given to the ADA coordinator. If you file court documents online, called efiling, do not include it with your other public filings.

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Some courts have their own process for requesting an accommodation. You can use Find my court to go to the court's website and look under "ADA" for information about the local process.

How to ask for a disability accommodation

  • Fill out form

    Fill out Page 1 of Disability Accommodation Request (form MC-410). Sign at the bottom of Page 1. Do not fill out Page 2. The court will write its decision on this page.

    The form asks for information the court needs to understand your request and to make a decision. If you need help with the form, you can get more detailed instructions in How to Request a Disability Accommodation for Court (form MC-410-INFO).

    This information sheet is also available in:

  • Turn in the form

    Turn in the form to the court's ADA coordinator or other designated person. Contact the court to find out how to submit the request. You can usually submit your request in different ways. For example, in person, by mail, email, or fax.

    You can use Find my court to get the court's contact information to find out where to turn it in.

  • Get the court's response

    The court will respond to your request either in person or by calling you, or by emailing or mailing you a response. The decision will be on Page 2 of the request.

    If your request was not granted, the court's response will explain why. You can find information about how to ask for a review of a denial in California Rule of Court 1.100(g).

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