Finish your parentage case in a default

To finish your parentage case, you must turn in a set of final forms to the court.  

These forms let the court know you met the required steps to get a default and you want the court to make orders about parentage. They also say what child custody and support orders you want the judge to make. 


Before you start

Check that you are ready to submit your default judgment:

  • It’s been more than 30 days since the other person was served with your papers
  • The other person never filed a Response 

  • You filed a Proof of Service of Summons (form FL-115

The court can’t process your final judgment forms if you haven't filed a Proof of Service of Summons. If you haven’t filed it yet, you can file it when you turn in the final forms.

If the other person is active duty military, 

talk to a lawyer or ask for help at the court's Self-Help Center. There are different rules you need to follow.

How to prepare forms to finalize parentage in a default

  • Fill out form to ask for a default

    This form asks the court to enter a default because the other person didn’t respond. Once filed, the clerk mails a copy to the other person.

    • Request to Enter Default (form FL-165

      On item 2, check box f. You do not need to complete a Property Declaration because this is a case to establish a parental relationship.

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    You can turn in the Request to Enter Default now or turn it in with the rest of your forms later. This form makes it so that the other person can’t file a Response without the court’s permission.

  • Fill out judgment forms

    • Declaration for Default or Uncontested Judgment (form FL-230)

      This explains what orders you want the judge to make in the final judgment.

    • Advisement and Waiver of Rights re: Determination of Parental Relationship (form FL-235)

      Sign this form and attach it to your Declaration, form FL-230.

    • Judgment (Uniform Parentage — Custody and Support) (form FL-250)

      This is the final court order to establish parentage. If you’re asking the court to make any orders about child custody or support, you will need to attach more forms to this.

    • Notice of Entry of Judgment (Family Law — Uniform Parentage — Custody and Support) (form FL-190)

      The court will mail this form back to you after the judge has signed the judgment. It’s the official notice from the court that tells you the case is complete.

    The orders you ask for and the attachments you use must be exactly the same as what was in your Petition

    In a default, the court can only make orders that match what you listed in your Petition. If you want to ask for something different, you'll need to amend (change) your Petition, unless you and the other person agree in writing. Talk to your Self-Help Center for information about how to amend your Petition and ask for different orders.
  • Fill out or attach child custody and child support forms

    For child custody and visitation (parenting time)

    If you have a child custody and visitation order, attach that to the Judgment.

    If you don't have an order, fill out and attach:

    • Child Custody and Visitation (Parenting Time) Order Attachment (form FL-341)

    This tells the court how you want custody and visitation (parenting time) handled.

    For child support

    If you have a child support order, attach the order to your Judgment.

    If you don't have a child support order, fill out and attach:

    • Child Support Information and Order Attachment (form FL-342)

    This tells the court how you want child support handled.

      You must attach:

      This lets you and the other parent know about how to ask the other parent to help pay for any of your child's healthcare costs not covered by insurance and how to ask to change a child support order.

      Also, submit:

      Do not attach the Child Support Case Registry Form to your judgment. Submit it along with everything, if you haven't turned one in before.

      If you want child support to be paid directly from the other parent's paycheck, also submit:

    Finish your parentage case

    What's next?

    Once you're done filling out the forms, you need to prepare the envelopes that the clerk will use to mail you and the other parent the final judgment and other papers. Then take (or mail) your envelopes and forms to the court.

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