Ask for the money

The court wants you to ask the other side for the money you think they owe you before you start a small claims case. 

How to ask for money from the other side

This is another step you must take before filing a court case. If you ask for the money and the other side pays you, you won't need to go to court.

You can ask in person, by writing a letter, or emailing the other side.

Let them know how much they owe you and why you think they owe you the money.

If there's a restraining order between you and the other side or you think it would be dangerous, you don't need to ask them.

Get help writing a letter that asks for money

These apps prompt you to answer questions about your situation and then create a personalized letter.

  • Letter to a person or business

    Write a letter to the person or business you think owes you money.

  • Letter to your landlord

    Write a letter to your landlord asking for all of your security deposit back.

  • Letter to a government agency

    Find out how to ask a state or local government for money it owes you (called a claim).

Get sample letters for common situations

Download these sample letters for a bad check or a stop payment. You can personalize them by filling in your specific information.

Once you've asked for money, you are done getting ready for small claims. Your next step depends on how the person responds to your request. 

Small claims

What's next?

After you ask for the money, you can wait to hear back or file your case right away. Don't wait if you have a filing deadline that's coming up soon.

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