Prepárese para ir a su fecha de audiencia

At least a couple of weeks before the hearing date you should start preparing for your day in court.

Cómo prepararse para su fecha de audiencia

  • Trate de arreglar las cosas antes de su fecha de audiencia

    illustration of the concept of dialogue between two parties in a case to come to an agreement

    Contact your spouse or the other parent at least once before the hearing date to see if you agree. If there is an attorney involved, contact the attorney instead of your spouse. You can do this in person, over the phone, or in writing, whichever is best for the two of you.

    Still, reach out to try to reach an agreement. If you do not file a response, the other party may still attend the hearing date. The judge can decide whether to listen to the other side. If the other party does not file an answer or does not show up for the hearing, the judge will make a decision based solely on what you filed.


    If you have a restraining order or concerns about your safety, you do not need to contact your spouse or partner.

    If you agree, draft your agreement

    If they reach an agreement, draft it, sign it, and send it to court.

    How to Write an Agreement

  • Obtenga y presente cualquier información o documentos

    a member of the public showing documents to a court clerk

    A veces, las cosas cambian, obtiene nueva información o desea agregar más a la documentación que ya presentó.

    Si tiene nueva información o un documento que desea que el juez considere en su fecha de audiencia, preséntelo y haga que se entregue una copia a la otra parte.

    Si no puede presentarlo y entregarlo antes de su fecha de audiencia, aún puede traerla (junto con dos copias), pero existe la posibilidad de que el juez no pueda considerarlo.

  • Organice sus papeles

    illustration of gathering documentation

    Organize the documents you plan to bring to court so you can get them quickly.

    Put the notes with what you want to say at the top followed by copies of any evidence you plan to use (statement, bills, receipts, witness statements).

    Also, bring a copy of what you, your spouse, or the other parent filed.

  • Solicite un intérprete o modificaciones

    How to request the services of an interpreter

    If you do not speak or understand English very well, you can ask for a court interpreter for your hearing date. Ask as soon as you know your hearing date. The court will provide an interpreter free of charge.

    In many courts, you fill out and serve aRequest for Interpreter (Civil Cases) (Form INT-300). Other courts use a different form. Contact your courtfor information on how to request an interpreter.

    How to request an interpreter

    How to Apply for a Disability Modification

    Each court has an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) coordinator to help people with disabilities.

    Contact your court'sAmericans with Disabilities Act (ADA) coordinator to learn more about modifications available to people with disabilities.

    To request a modification, fill out theRequest for Modifications for People with Disabilities and Response (Form MC-410). Give the form to your court's ADA coordinator. Submit this form at least 5 days before your hearing date.

  • Vaya a su fecha de audiencia

    If this is your first time in court, read some basics on how to plan your day in court or tips for a remote hearing (if your hearing is over the phone or on the computer).

    On their hearing date, both will have a chance to speak. Usually, the judge asks the person who filed the application to Speak first. After you both have a chance to talk and show any evidence you have brought, the judge will make a decision.

    Usually, the judge will make a decision that day. If the judge thinks you need more information, he or she may ask you to come back another day.

    Someone prepares an order for the judge to sign

    Once the judge makes a decision, the judge will need to sign a court order. In some courts, court staff fill out the order for the judge to sign.

    In other courts, one of you (or a lawyer, if any of you have one) will have to prepare the order for trial.

    If you must prepare the order, use the petition Hearing Order to vacate a support order (Form FL-367). If the judge decided to annul the order, he must indicate the legal reason (the reasons) for doing so.

    TheFamily Law Assistant or Help Center may be able to help you if the judge says you must fill out the Order.

Una vez que tenga una orden de la corte firmada, se completará el proceso. Usted y su cónyuge o el otro padre deben seguir la orden de la corte. 

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